TETRIS's general objective is to build trust in academic research and in university-industry collaboration by improving the effectiveness of Technology Transfer activities at the Partner Country HEIs. Capacities will be enhanced on three complementary levels, thereby addressing major challenges identified in the target Latin-American countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama):

1. Institutional policies on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer activities enabling the ‘third mission’;

2. Institutional set-up and mechanisms for technology transfer and innovation from universities to industry;

3. Regional and transnational cooperation among the Partner Country Institutions and their local innovation ecosystems.

Specific objectives

#1 To assess the Technology Transfer and Innovation practices in Partner Country HEIs and to identify areas for improvement.

#2 To develop a Technology Transfer Innovation Scheme for institutions in partner countries based on the existing best practices in the European Research Area.

#3 To implement customized pilot models at partner country institutions and evaluate the performance of technology transfer and innovation.

#4 To disseminate, share and exchange experiences, best practices and knowledge gathered in managing technology transfer and innovation management to improve research and innovation cooperation between countries of Latin America and Europe.

#5 To enforce capacity building by developing human resources: this will take the form of peer-learning and trainings on selected topics.

For more information, see Project Outcomes